Bond Bracelet Macrame Silver

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Bond Bracelet Macrame Silver
If you are looking for a stylish accessory that will reflect your style, Bag Bracelet Macrame Silver with its original design is just for you!

We carefully produce our handmade bracelets that suit your taste and style.

Bond Bracelet Macrame Silver Features
925 sterling silver
Rope Color: Black, Grey, Claret Red
Approximate Weight: 9.80 grams
Macrame thread detail.
Its length is adjustable.
It is suitable for couples. (You can find other models in the BRACELET category with GOLD and ROSE color options.)
Delivery time varies between 3 and 5 working days depending on the order density.

Sold individually.

Avoid contact with strong chemicals such as perfume, cream, laundry, detergents.

It is handmade.

14 , 2023

42.37 $ +