Natural Labradorite Earring

175 $
  • SILVER 925K Sterling Silver
  • PLATING 22K Gold

Estimated Shipping Date: 06 October, 2023

Natural Labradorite Earrings

Labradorite is a stone that naturally changes color and is sensitive to light. It is designed with carefully selected natural labradorite stones. The striking colors and shine of Labradorite give the earrings an eye-catching look. Natural Labradorite Earrings carry the unique beauty of this stone, which is a fascinating part of nature.

The earrings are made of high quality 925 sterling silver and plated with a special protection 22 carat gold. This protection allows the earrings to maintain their shine and durability for a long time.

Natural Labradorite Earrings Features:

925 Sterling Silver
22K Gold Plated
Natural Labradorite is used.
Approximate Weight: 8.86gr
Delivery time varies between 7 and 5 working days depending on the order density.

Sold as a pair.

Usage Instruction:

Cleaning: We recommend using a soft cleaning cloth or a special jewelry cleaning cloth to clean your earring. Avoid using cleaning materials that contain harsh and abrasive substances.

Storage: We recommend that you store your earring in a separate jewelry box or jewelry case when not in use. This will help prevent your earring from getting scratched or damaged. Also, be careful not to let your jewelry come into contact with other hard objects.

Perfume and Chemicals: Avoid direct contact with chemical products such as perfume, lotion, hairspray while using your earring. Be aware that such chemicals can damage your jewelry. In addition, before removing your earring, be careful not to use it for activities such as swimming, showering or playing sports.

Caution Against Impacts: It is important to protect your earring from friction or impact. You may want to consider removing your earring when exercising, carrying heavy items, or touching hard surfaces.

It is produced by our masters in our own workshop and is made by hand in accordance with quality standards. By following our instructions, you can preserve the beauty of this special earring for a long time.

It is handmade.

Estimated Shipping Date: 06 October, 2023

175 $

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