Pole Star Red Coral Locket

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  • GÜMÜŞ 925 Ayar
  • KAPLAMA 22 Ayar Altın
  • ÖLÇÜ 55cm
  • AĞIRLIK 12,88 Gr Gümüş
  • INCI 5 mm
  • MINE RENGI Kırmızı

Pole Star Red Coral Locket Necklace

Catch the elegance with a colorful and modern look.

If you are looking for an original and natural accessory to complement your style, the Pole Star Red Coral Locket, which combines the elegance of natural red coral and real pearls, is for you.

We carefully produce stylish handmade necklaces that suit your taste and style.

Pole Star Red Coral Locket Features:

  • 925 sterling silver
  • 22K Gold plated
  • Necklace Color: Gold
  • Approximate Silver Weight: 12,18 gr
  • Approximate Product Weight: 34,30 gr.
  • Approximate Necklace Length: 55 cm.
  • Made with red coral and natural almond pearl.
  • The Heart on the end is the lock of the necklace. Opening & Closing detail is heart shaped.

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14 , 2023

81.36 $ +